Can. Ch. CynTech Shadigee Dash Of Class


“After losing Tia  today I can tell you that the measure of a dog is not a BIS or a BOB.  The measure of a dog comes from their heart.  A friend, a protector, a confidant.  They love you and understand in times of need, joy and in everyday life.  We will see you again.... our beautiful girl.  You have always been a treasure.  Thank you..........”

Tia came to us from CynTech Kennel in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.  Her breeder is Cindy Thomas.

Tia is littermate to: 

MBISS Am/MBIS BIISS Can. Ch. CynTech’s A Touch Of Dash aka Harley

Harley finished #14 in the US with limited showing in 2007!!!


Can. Ch. CynTech’s Mad Dash To Sherwood CGN, TT aka Brady


Can. Ch. CynTech’s DashNBY Tornado Ally TT aka Bindy

Tia obtained her Canadian Championship quickly in limited showing. She acquired her first 6 points as a senior puppy at the Aurora & District Kennel Club shows in Richmond Hill, Ontario, under judge Bruce Weegar On May 29, 2004, and on May 30, 2004, under judge Norma Egginton. Tia was handled beautifully to these wins by JoAnn Griffith. She then went back home to show in the US.

At Regionals week in Frederick, Maryland, Tia placed each day in a large 12-18 Month Fawn Bitch Class (there were 10 to 11 each show)! Tia's placements were as follows; 3rd in class at the New Jersey Boxer Club Specialty under judge Anne Rogers Clark on October 4, 2004; 2nd in class, to the Winners Bitch, at the Eastern Boxer Club Specialty under judge Hal Biermann on October 5, 2004; 3rd in class at the Maryland Boxer Club Specialty under judge Christine Beardsell on October 6, 2004; 2nd in class, to the Winners Bitch, at the Potomac Boxer Club Specialty under judge Everett Dean on October 7, 2004, and 2nd in class at the American Boxer Club Regional Specialty under judge Janet Sinclair on October 8, 2004! Tia was handled beautifully to these placements by handler Debbie Struff!

Returning to Canada at 14 months of age, Tia completed her Canadian Championship at the London Canine Association show in London, Ontario, on October 16, 2004, under judge Patricia Trotter! She was handled beautifully by JoAnn Griffith! Tia is the 3rd Canadian Champion for her dam, Can. Ch. CynTech's Ally McBeal DOM (Allie), and the 10th Canadian Champion for her sire, Am/MBIS Can. Ch. Summer’s Dash Riprock SOMCAt the American Boxer Club National Specialty on May 12, 2005, Tia placed third in the Open Fawn Bitch class (16 in class) under respected Boxer Breeder judge Billie McFadden! She was beautifully handled to this class placement by Sherry Canciamille!

Tia has been screened thus far for the following health conditions:

* Sub-Aortic Stenosis (SAS) - using the recommended echocardiogram with color flow doppler method by board-certified cardiologist Dr. Kathryn Meurs (May 2005)
Arrythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy (ARVC) - using the recommended 24 hour holter monitor (24 hour EKG) method and was read by Dr. Kathryn Meurs (June 2007) & (April 2007)
Hypothyroidism(June 2005)


Can. Ch. CynTech Shadigee Dash Of Class aka “Tia”

  (Am/MBIS Can. Ch. Summer’s Dash Riprock SOMC X Can. Ch. CynTech’s Ally McBeal DOMC)

                                                August 16, 2003 - January 10, 2011

Sire:  Dash

Dam:  Ally

Tia 10 wks. old

Tia is pictured below at 5 1/2 years old.

Waiting at the Gate

I explained to St. Peter
I'd rather stay here
Just outside the Pearly Gate.
I won't be a nuisance, I won't even bark,
I'll be very patient and wait.

I'll be right here chewing
A celestial bone
No matter how long you may be.
'Cause I'd miss you too much,
If I went in alone--
It wouldn't be heaven for me.

Author Unknown