Am/Can Ch. Shadigee’s Top Shelf


Tigger Woods, yes “Tigger” not Tiger, got his name at birth.  I named him “Woods” seconds after he was born.  When Lee arrived home from work he immediately started calling him “Tigger” because of all of his stripes.  That is how Tigger Woods got his name.

May 25, 2013 - NEW American Champion!!!!   "Tigger Woods" won WD & BOW again at the Boxer Club Of Oklahoma under Judge Lee Brown for ANOTHER SPECIALTY 3 point MAJOR!!!!  He will forever be know as Am/Can Ch. Shadigee’s Top Shelf!!!!!

May 24, 2013 - It’s been an amazing start to a holiday weekend!  Tigger Woods won WD & BOW at the Seminole Kennel Club Inc at Tulsa, OK, under judge Sara Karl.  Handler Lori McClain Ferguson showed Tigger Woods to this MAJOR Win!!!!!!!

May 24, 2013, later in the day - The second show and this one is hosted by the Boxer Club Of Oklahoma, Inc., we were honored that Judge Danny J. Bussard found our Tigger Woods from the American Bred Class and gave him WD & BOW!  Handler Lori McClain Ferguson showed Tigger Woods to perfection for this Specialty MAJOR Win!!!

May 2013 - Tigger Woods won second place in the very competitive American Bred Brindle Class out of eleven dogs.  Judge Ann Gilbert noted that he was born to the dam, Am/Can Ch. Shadigee’s Lady Luck, of her ABC 2013 Winners Dog, Ch. Shadigee’s Sequel To Legends!!!!!

April 2013 - Tigger Woods finished his Canadian Championship in only two weekends of showing.  He finished under Judge Virginia Lyne at the Western Ontario Boxer Club Booster for 4 pts with his best friend, owner/breeder Lee Nowak.  He had won 9 pts in September 2012 which included WD & BOW at the Western Ontario Boxer Club Specialty with his other best friend, owner/breeder Mary Jane Nowak.  Tigger Woods is the second of his litter (Gabrielle/Pablo) to finish in Canada.

Tigger Woods is now a Multi Best Of Breed Winner! In addition to the Best Of Breed he won from the Bred By Exhibitor Class with Lee at the Maury County KC of Tennessee Inc, he won back to back Best Of Breeds from the Bred By Exhibitor Class under Judge Dennis Gallant and Judge Donald Buxton at the Southern Indiana KC, Inc.  June 2012.  Tigger Woods had just turned 11 months old.  He was shown to these wins by Mary Jane.   We truly believe he is “TOP SHELF”!

National’s News May 2012!  Tigger Woods started the week out by winning Best Senior In Match at the Greater Cincinnati  Boxer Club.  The judge was Handler Wendy Bettis.  Tigger Woods was presented by his handler Lori McClain! 

The following day Tigger Woods won his 9-12 Month Futurity Class of 14 dogs once again with Handler Lori McClain presenting him!  Thank you Judge Bridget Brown for finding our handsome boy!  Tigger Made the cut in the regular classes too along with his littermate Mickey!  Wish they gave ribbons for 5th and 6th place!  We couldn’t have asked much more out of our boys!

March 2012 - At the in Maury County KC of Tennessee Inc. in April of 2012 our Tigger Woods won BOW and BOB owner/breeder handled from the Bred By Class at only almost ten months old for his first point!  Thank you Judge Sherry Gibson for seeing the great qualities in our Tigger Woods.

Tigger Woods came from a long awaited litter from our very Special Gabrielle.  We had been searching for the perfect fellow for her in terms of health testing, confirmation, lineage and temperament.  That’s how we found Pablo, sire of this litter.  The pups in this litter were outstanding and we had a very hard time deciding which puppy to keep.  One day Tigger Woods walked up to us and stopped in a perfect stack as if to say “Here I am”.  That was the deciding moment! 

All pups in this litter are ARVC Negative and DM Carriers by parentage.  We are looking forward to the show careers of Tigger Woods and his brothers and sister!

Tigger Woods’ littermate are Shadigee’s Paint It Black Of Jerico aka Mickey, and  Can Ch. Shadigee’s Shut Up N’ Kiss Me aka Gemma aka Gemma. 

Please take a moment to look at Tigger Woods’ pedigree.  It’s an outstanding line breeding with many SOM’s, DOM’s, and LOM’s!  We’ll be updating Tigger Woods’ page from time to time.

“Tigger Woods” pictured at 23 months old winning one of two Best Of Winners two Boxer Club Of Oklahoma Specialty Shows with Handler Lori McClain Ferguson!

    Sire: Ch. Storybook Page After Page            Dam:  Am/Can Ch. Shadigee’s Lady Luck A/C DOM

                                 Tigger Woods is pictured at 4 weeks old above.